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Sunlight of Redemption: An Illuminated Path Toward Inner Freedom - Rebbe Nachman Of Breslovž¢s Likutei Moharan: Lesson One


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“My fire will burn until the coming of Mashiach.” (Chayei Moharan)


These words were uttered by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov zy”a, one of the greatest and most influential masters of the Chassidic tradition, more than two hundred years ago. The recent explosion of interest in this tzaddik and his message testifies to the awesome power of Rebbe Nachman’s vision and the timeless relevance of his transformative teachings.

The Breslover canon is a veritable treasure chest of spiritual guidance for the modern Jew. Like a beam of light cutting through the thick fog of a confused world, the tzaddik’s teachings on emunah, joy, hope, and personal prayer illuminate a path of spiritual and emotional elevation, helping us dance along the narrow bridge of life fearlessly and with a healthy sense of confidence.

In this groundbreaking work, Yaakov Klein takes the reader on a breathtaking journey through the first lesson of Rebbe Nachman’s magnum opus, Likutei Moharan. Renowned for its unparalleled brilliance, penetrating depth, and remarkable ability to demonstrate the unity of the entire Torah, Likutei Moharan is also known for its extreme profundity and structural complexity, making it one of the most formidable Chassidic texts to study. Now, for the first time, a gateway has been constructed to this mighty world of the spirit, granting every Jew access to the sweet illumination of the tzaddik’s Torah revelations, regardless of background or religious level. Read Sunlight of Redemption and experience awesome joy — part and parcel of the clear, fundamental outlook on our lives and the world around us emanating from the very heart of our holy tradition.

Author:Yaakov Klein
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