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A Bit More Advice: (Eitzot Hamevo'arot)


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Likutey Eitzot (Advice) is a seminal work in Breslov literature. Compiled by Reb Noson, the leading disciple of Rebbe Nachman, it presents a wealth of practical pointers gleaned from the Rebbe’s teachings to help readers live with greater awareness and purpose.Nearly one hundred years after the publication of Likutey Eitzot, Reb Shimshon Barski, a direct descendant of Rebbe Nachman, translated selections from this work into Yiddish to make them more accessible to the Jews of his day. He interwove his own commentary into the narrative, adding richness and depth to its message.This English translation of Reb Shimshon’s work brings Rebbe Nachman’s teachings to an even wider, worldwide audience. The Rebbe’s timeless insights inspire one and all to lead a truly meaningful, fulfilling life

Author:Reb Shimshon Barski
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