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Shabbos: Tasting Eternity


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When we honor and observe Shabbos properly, we are granted a taste of the World to Come. With Shabbos: Tasting Eternity, a guide and explanation of the mitzvos of enjoying and honoring Shabbos, this lofty goal is easily within reach. Starting from Erev Shabbos, Shabbos: Tasting Eternity instructs the reader how to best prepare for and honor the Shabbos every step along the way -- from purchasing special food to making havdala. Also included is an explanation of the special prayers we say throughout Shabbos. Filled with halachos, stories form the lives of our Sages, and contemporary anecdotes, Shabbos: Tasting Eternity will enhance the special Shabbos atmosphere of your home.

Author:Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis
Publication Status:NEW!!!!!!!
Condition Rating:New
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