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Lehmann's Passover Hagadah


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1975 Edition Front Flyleaf and Title page torn .See picture
Rabbi Dr. Marcus Lehmann
 (1831–1890) was leader of the kehillah in Mainz, Germany, and editor of the influential Orthodox Jewish weekly “Der Israelit.” He was a prolific writer of short stories and novels that have become popular classics, spanning eras, cultures, and continents for over a century.

Among his more scholarly works is his famous commentary to the Hagadah. Acclaimed since its first appearance, the Lehmann Hagadah has been embraced by generations for leading the Pesach Seder. Rabbi Lehmann drew widely on a great range of Torah commentaries, and added pointed, inspiring interpretations of his own. Here you can find a learned explanation from the Talmud, a delightful parable by the famed Dubno Magid, and a penetrating thought on the fundamentals of Judaism.

Experience Seder night with the timeless Lehmann Hagadah, as it connects past, present, and future on the glorious road to the final geulah.

Author:Rabbi Dr. Marcus Lehmann
Condition Rating:Good
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