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Antisemitism in America Today: Outspoken Experts Explode the Myths


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The first book of its kind in three decades, Antisemitism in America Today explores the history, psychology, expression, and dynamics of a feared and ever-present hatred. Nineteen leading Jewish journalists and scholars discuss antisemitism and its impact on the Jewish community and within society as a whole. Their essays provide passionate, educated responses which will generate much discussion and debate. Topics addressed include:

- A history of antisemitism (Jack Wertheimer)

- The disappearance of antisemitism (Earl Raab)

- Antisemitism in the women's movement (Letty Cottin Pogrebin)

- The implication of international antisemitism for America (Antony Lerman)

Finally, Antisemitism in America Today confronts the question of how Jewish Americans themselves perceive antisemitism. The overwhelming majority believe that antisemitism is a serious -- and increasing -- problem. Do these perceptions square with the data on a secure American Jewish polity? If things are so good, why do so many people think that things are bad? This book goes a long way toward answering this provocative question.

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