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Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie- Revised and Updated Edition


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Sinisterism is that narcotic substitute for genuine religious faith which lusts for power and which will lie and will use ever savagery without remorse to get power. Sinisterism is cannibalistic. It eats

its own with special cruelty. The purpose of Sinisterism is to strip the human soul of love, truth and hope and to replace that love, truth and hope with hate, lies and fear.

Sinisterists in modern history have called themselves by many names like "Nazi," "Bolshevik," "Radical Moslem," "Fascist," and other meaningless labels, but all are the same.

The Judeo-Christian tradition trusts in God, so Sinisterists hate Jews, Christians, Israel, America and hate above all God. Sinisterists get special glee from sowing distrust between Jews and Christians, between America and Israel, and confusion among all those who would deny Sinisterists the right to be gods.

Author:Bruce Walker
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