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Gates of Repentance -- Shaarei Teshuvah


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Humankind is endowed with a Divine gift of “free choice,” which also means that individuals can err, and err often. And so, built into the process of creation is the divine gift of repentance – informing us that there are steps we can take to realign ourselves with the image and original intent of our Creator.

In Hebrew, the term for repentance is “Teshuvah” which literally means “return” – indicating that when we correct ourselves, we are essentially returning to the Source. In Hebrew, there is also a traditional text that has become the classic guide in detailing the process of return, entitled The Gates of Repentance.

For nearly a thousand years, this volume has served as a roadmap of return for generations of readers, and now, it is available in a newly translated, extensively annotated, bi-lingual edition – ready to inform and inspire new generations of readers.

Author:Rabbeinu Yonah of Gerona
Condition Rating:Good
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