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From Tokyo to Jerusalem: The Autobiography of a Japanese Convert to Judaism


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Setzuso Kotsuji was born in 1900 into an aristocratic Japanese family. His father, who himself was a prominent Shinto priest, descended from a long-line of well-known priests.

Kiyoto, Setzuso's birthplace, was the center of the Shinto religion. His father hoped that Setzuso would naturally follow the family tradition and study for the priesthood.

Setzuso instead embarked on an epic search for truth. When he was 13, he visited an antique bookshop in which he discovered a Tanach, the Hebrew Bible, which had been translated into Japanese. Thirstily, he devoured that sacred work and learned about monotheism. Realizing that this was the truth, he slowly began to veer away from the polytheistic Shinto religion. In the end, he stopped attending the Shinto temple altogether and searched for someone to teach him more about Judaism.

Author:Abraham Kotsuji
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