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Success, an elusive goal that everyone pursues, but not everyone attains. We all know successful people, and wonder what their formula is. More important, we wish we knew how to duplicate their achievement. Such people are self-confident, poised. They seem to churn through obstacles, to be immune from frustration. Or, at least, so it seems to those who think that success is something that only other people attain. But it doesn't have to be that way. The elusive goal is within reach -- and this book has the formula. Rabbi Moshe Gans, noted educator and lecturer offers advice and solutions that are sound, tested, and practical. His Make Me, Don't Break Me has become a treasured guidebook for parents and teachers, and in the process has helped many thousands of children reach their potential. In this new book, Success!, Rabbi Gans does for the rest of us what he has done for children: He shows us how we can make the most of what we are. This book is firmly based on Talmudic and rabbinic thought -- as well as the author's rich experience and vast learning. Flavoring his text with true-to-life illustrations, Rabbi Gans guides the reader step-by-step to a better, more fruitful, more satisfying life. This is a book that is a pleasure to read, and that will transform attitudes, outlooks, and relationships -- all for the better. You'll be able to confront challenges and weather setbacks. You'll be happier and more confident. So turn the cover and come to grips with Success! It will be as fruitful a confrontation as you have ever had.
Success, an elusive goal that everyone pursues, but not everyone attains. We all know successful...

Author:Rabbi Moshe Gans
Publication Status:A Classic!
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