Sinai The Great and Terrible Wilderness


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FORMER SYNAGOGUE LIBRARY This isolated, strategic, and very beautiful triangle of land poised between Africa and Asia – an ancient and modern battlefield, holy ground of three world religions, new focus for oil fields and diplomacy – was in biblical times "that great and terrible wilderness," and still today the Sinai's harsh mountains and unforgiving desert remain a mystery. Burton Bernstein took four trips through the Sinai, and in this eye-opening report on its past and present we experience with him the discovery of its people and places: the wandering Bedouins for whom the Sinai is home, the Israelis who governed it between the Six-Day War and the peace treaty of 1979, the Greek Orthodox monks who preside over the treasures of St. Catherine's Monastery, the cheerful Texans who have manned the early-warning listening posts of the Sinai Field Mission. Mr. Bernstein's historical, cultural, and sociological reportage, and his up-to-the-minute accounts of the Sinai's political status vis-à-vis Egypt and Israel, reveal why it has been so bitterly contested through five millennia of history.
An eye opening report on the past and present of the Sinai peninsula

Author:Burton Bernstein
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