Mishnah Torah in One Volume - Menukad


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Now, with this single volume, it will be much easier to study the Rambam! The Mishne Torah - precise, vocalized, and punctuated, in an improved, updated and single volume eddition! Written in the Rambam's eloquent language, is currently available. This volume is the most accurate and the easiest to use. It is a single volume that includes diacritics, is easily transportable and contains thorough indices to locate any subject, verse, or mitzvah. • Uncompromising accuracy: the most thoroughly improved edition, based on ancient manuscripts. • Design: A nicer, more luxurious binding, two bookmark ribbons, and an elegant black slipcase. • New Indices (64 pages of indices have been added): Chapter title index (new!), index of the 613 mitzvot, a subject index, an index of personalities, an index of Biblical verses, and more. Mishneh Torah is the ultimate masterpiece of the Jewish mind, the likes of which have not been seen before it or after it. It is perfection itself, both in the range of subjects covered, the perfect order, the clear language and the precision of its formulations.

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