The Treasure Within


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A parashah companion with a unique perspective! Just imagine. What if the king were to open his treasury for just one day and let you take whatever you wanted? You would arrive there as early as possible, not waste a moment, and stay until forced out. You would realize that every second lost meant a missed opportunity. When we find treasure, we rejoice over each precious item. Throughout Tanach, many verses actually compare the Torah--which instructs us in all aspects of our lives--to treasure. By drawing out the underlying issues, messages, and lessons for life, our sages allowed us access to the treasures that lie beneath the surface of the text.In this essential book on the weekly parashah, Rabbi Jonathan Shooter reveals how a close examination of the words of our sages can illuminate the Torah's powerful messages that enrich our lives--the treasure within.
A parashah companion with a unique perspective!

Author:Jonathan Shooter
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