Remember the Days Of Old: Historical essays


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A collection of eight historical essays that span several centuries and continents. They range from a study of the creation of an infant Jewish state in the 16th century, to an analysis of Kashruth-protection legislation in America during the first decades of this century. They include samples of Jewish life in Poland, and debates and resolutions with far-reaching consequences in the halls of the United Nations. A remarkable episode of 'Hatzala,' Jewish rescue work during World War II... serves as the book's finale. Suffering and heroism, diplomacy and struggle mingle freely in its pages. The essays in unison provide an example of the author's scholarly versatility, in research and in writing - as well as another glimpse into the trials and tribulations, and the joys and sorrows, of the Jewish people, from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Author:Isaac Lewin
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