Make Me Don't Break Me!


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Who among us are satisfied with our performance as parents? As teachers? Arent there techniques and ideas, rooted in Torah and the worldview of our Sages, that can help us maximize the latent potential of our children and students?


Rabbi Moshe Gans, an eminent educator, draws on his years of chinuch experience to give us practical hands-on answers to this quest -- how to motivate children for success.


Make Me Dont Break Me is full of real-life situations that we encounter everyday -- both at home and in the classroom.


How can I inspire my child to be more responsible? How can I learn to be more complimentary and consistent? How can I set clear goals and effectively motivate my child or student? How can I be more patient, retain control and enhance my child�s performance of life�s day-to-day tasks. Make Me Don�t Break Me is the silent plea of every child (and adult). The techniques and exercises vividly portrayed in this eye-opening guide have helped countless people in the delicate task of child-rearing.


It works -- and who can argue with success.

Classic Child-Rearing Book! 

Author:Rabbi Moshe Gans, Artscroll, 1999
Publication Status:A Classic!
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