Shlavim Classics 2 in 1-Goodbye to Miri's mess/Half a cup of water


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Talented artist Ruth Beifus is back, with a new series that kids and parents will love. These two-in-one books feature laminated pages to endure the test of time and sticky fingers, and heart-warming stories with golden lessons and full-color illustrations. Miri's mess seems insurmountable until a very special present helps Miri muster the strength to take care of her things. Shmuli has a problem--he's grumpy and kvetchy and nothing seems right. But his older brother gives him some sound advice about how to look at life like a half-cup of water, and it's enough to turn Shmuli's frown upside-down. These charming stories really hit the spot!

Author:Ruth Beifus
Publication Status:Out of print, Hard to Find!
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