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I cannot over-express how wonderful it was purchasing from I was able to find many books and seforim for less than they were selling elsewhere, the online transaction went smoothly, and when I needed to adjust my order, all the people I spoke with were very friendly and helpful.I would certainly buy from them again!
- L.S.

I am a professional businessman with an MA in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and am currently working toward a degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Gratz College. As you can guess, I like to collect and read books. Jewish Used Books .com is the place I start and end my search for resources. Price, service, and quality, are all there. Some of the brightest gems [books] in my library are from Jewish Used Books .com. Thank you,
- R.R.

When looking for a book, this is the first place I look. Have bought 100+ books and other merchandise from them, online and from their warehouse, and saved lots of money. Always a good selection, and many books are in brand new or almost new condition. I’m a very pleased customer. Would recommend to everyone.
- From D.C.

You have chosen a wonderful business. It helps people progress in attaining both olom hazeh and olom haboh. Sure you will be zocheh to both. Thank you.

Great idea! I feel like a kid in a Jewish Candystore!! I ALWAYS find a book that I want to read!!!
- C.B.

I have a COMPLAINT. My orders are arriving too quickly. Mailed on 01/13/11 and received on 01/18/11! You are going to wear out those poor horses in the Pony Express here out West, and give other book order services a bad reputation! Congratulations on continuing great service.
- T.P

Amazingly, even though these are used books, the business is not run in a ‘heimishe’ way; it is run like a well-oiled machine, systematically, efficiently, and professionally. I for one am always very satisfied. Thank you!

I never imagined I would get a notice for a book I had put on request. Well, not only was I very wrong, I was notified, I ordered it and it was such a simple process!!!! Thank you!!!Excellent service guys! My library is getting lots of ‘new’ fiction no-one has read before :)
- D.M.

I had been looking for ‘Conversations with Yitzhak Shamir’ by Haim Misgav, translated from Hebrew to English by David Aisner for a long time. I was very impressed that I was able to get it from Very quick delivery as well! I highly recommend this service!
- Dan in Toronto

Hi Guys, I think you have the best website ever for Jewish readers. I’m extremely happy with your prices, selection and website. You’re the only budget website for religious Jews. Not only your prices rock, also your shipping prices. There are a lot of people who’d not buy from a certain website because of their outrageous shipping charges (like $15 or more). As a result you’re very attractive for all the customers. I also really like your occasional sales with percentage off all books and free shipping. Lots of people will order just because of the free shipping.Thank you for providing such a selection and value to your customers. I shop now only your website for all the jewish bargains.Your loyal customer,
- M.G.

I just want to thank you for making available at an affordable price many good books and seforim. I also wish to say thank you that whenever dealing with you has been a pleasant experience. Sincerely
- Naomi.

As a book addict who can’t get enough, I absolutely love your website! In all my online shopping at various ‘book stores’ your site is by far the easiest to navigate with the most wonderful books. Thank you for you wonderful service!
- Lelah

it was an amazing experience shopping here. hope to be back. and i hope the delivery is on time
- M.W.

Fast and courteous service. A good source for hard to find seforim. Very interesting site for browsing.
- yehudah

Just a short note to say how much I appreciate your dedication to customer service. I am so thrilled with my purchases from you, at prices I would otherwise not have been able to afford. You have always been immediate in your response to my questions or difficulties, and I commend you highly for that. You have a great part in my enjoyment of limud HaTorah. Thank you, Thank you!
- A.Y.

Delighted to have discovered a wonderful way of purchasing Jewish books at realistic prices. Thank you.
- C.C

Looks like the item I purchased is of very good quality and at a very reasonably price. I’ve been all over the web looking for something just like a vintage style pair of cufflinks and tie bar – this is the first one I’ve found.
- Rabbi Mordechai

HI, My last order, arrived in the middle of a week of rainy weather here in Minnesota. My books were thankfully wrapped in plastic inside the mailing envelope. They were safe and dry as opposed to another book I received the same day from another company that arrived wet, the rain had soaked right through the cardboard mailer. Thanks for such attention to detail. Also thanks for your website. I have ordered many times and it’s great to have all the books that I need in one stop shopping. I also like the fact that you have new books all the time, each time I browse there is the opportunity to find a new treasure. BeShalom
- Sally

Dear Sir or Madam: You had exactly what I was looking for, high holiday prayer books in English. The prices were fair & so was the shipping charge. I will definitely purchase from you again.Sincerely,
– Mrs. Diane R.

I really enjoy your site, as you can see I enjoy giving as gifts your prayer Tallis. My husband enjoys wearing them at our Messianic services.
May the Lord bless you every day with his love.
- L.E. from Texas

I always find something of interest here. You offer such a wide variety of books, and your customer service is excellent. It is a pleasure shopping on your website. Thanks for providing a much needed resource of Jewish books for all of us who love to read and learn.
- E. from Arizona 


I absolutely love this website! I've both purchased books and sold them here, and have been very satisfied with The selection is amazing, and the service superior! The 2.99 shipping makes it convenient to order at any time... thanks for such an awesome website!
- E from Michigan 


I found out about your business when I ordered a book from Amazon Marketplace sellers. Your service was terrific (fast shipping) and the book was in excellent condition, as described. Now that I have found your website, I'm sure I will be visiting it often.
 - A.B. A happy customer from NYC. 


I love your website. My family loves books and this gives us the opportunity to buy them without spending a fortune. I also buy books for my school so my students can read Jewish books. Thanks!
 -N.R. from Canada


I just found this site, and i love you!, i wish u had the entire set of the torah anthology and a daily dose of torah, so i can buy it all at once. but this is an awesome place! thank you.
- A.N. New York

On Memorial Day, there was a fantastic sale and I had difficulty with my order. Gabe was very helpful and fixed everything for my summer reading! Toda!
-S California

It is truly a mitzvah what these gentlemen are doing for the Jewish community. Not all of us are wealthy. Those of use on limited incomes now have an affordable source for Judaica and seforim. Todah raba to all of you!

Also we must comment on how carefully the books are packed. We have received new books from Feldheim, Artscroll and Amazon which have been damaged in shipping. At they handle every book as if it were a precious pearl, the packing is superior to the aforementioned online stores. These guys could teach the other companies a few things about packaging books for shipping, and they only charge $2.99 for shipping costs. Our books usually arrive ahead of the estimated date. May you guys all be blessed with good health, happiness and much hatzlacha in this endeavor, and may Moshiach come speedily and in our days.
-frb Arizona

Jewish Used Books has changed our life! We are a Jewish home-schooling family, so our house is really a place of learning. I have been able to find seforim, Hebrew textbooks, and a wide variety of kosher fiction for my children. This site is very unique and promises something great for everyone who visits. I probably check through the entire site on a weekly basis and am never disappointed. Thank you so much for what you are providing to the Jewish public!
-S.Z. from Colorado

Thank you so much for letting me know 30 Seconds to Emotional Health by Miriam Adahan was available! I honestly forgot that I had made the request, so it was a wonderful surprise to receive your email. I ordered it just now. I'm so excited to receive it, and I look forward to its arrival. I will certainly visit your site before ordering from anywhere else, and I will share my experience with everyone I know.
-G. M. G. - New Jersey

We are so thankful for the service you provide and have recommended you to many of our friends. Besides the fact that we homeschool our children and need many books, we also are a family who loves to read. The local library system is very much lacking in good Jewish books and we cannot always afford to buy new books, so your business is such a blessing to us and allows us to get several books at a time compared to buying 1 or 2 new unused books. We keep a running list of books we would like and go to your site frequently to see if you might have them. This also brings us to point of also being very thankful to all the people who sell and/or send you their gently used books, CD's and other Jewish items. They too have blest us. Both, you and them have allowed us to keep learning and growing and for that we are so very grateful. Thank you...
- R.O. from Washington

I have never had any problems with JUB. I wish I could say that for everybody, and I order from the Internet alot.
- SW

I wanted to pass along how pleased I was with the care in packaging of my above order and the promptness in which I received it. Each time I've spoken with someone on the phone they have always been courteous and helpful also. Thanks. Keep up the good work!
- T. P. from New Mexico

Great site. You have an amazing amount of books. I wish you much hatzlacha and I hope you see alot of Bracha from this site.
- T. from New york

This was an amazing idea to start this website....being a single mother I do not have an additional $80 a week to spend on jewish books (I'm a huge reader) thank you.
- M. from New York

This site is so awesome! I don't want to shop anywhere else. It is the best jewish book site on the internet!
-Yakov - Maryland

Thank you guys so much..I really think your business is an asset the Jewish Community in the sense that its so expensive to go the Judaica store and spend 30 dollars on one book...especially in this my husband and I just want to bentch you that you should have hatzlacha in business, you should be zocher to bring more jewish books into peoples houses, and that your families should only get nachas from you...
Thank you so much for making it easier to buy sfrei kodesh.
-Doniel and Shira from Miami Beach FL

"I think that your website is great. I have ordered from your site a few times and each time it gets even better. I love the quality of the books and your 7 star books are great. Like new books at 1/2 price. I tell everyone about you guys. I love the quality, service and pricing. Thanks so much."
- Dalit from California

"Jewish Used Books offers so many books and unique Judaica that I can't find anywhere else. The prices and selection are way beyond any other Jewish bookstore I've ever visited...and it's great that I can sell my used books too! They are so friendly and helpful, and they do their best to find whatever I am looking for, even if they do not have it at the moment. From now on, this is my go-to place for any Jewish items!"
-Allison from New Jersey


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