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Days Of Sorrow and Pain

by Leonard Baker

About this title:
Recounts Leo Baeck's efforts to prepare millions of German Jews to meet the horrifying demands of the Nazi era, revealing how he worked in the underground and provided religious education for Jewish children

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holocaust: The Obligation To Remeber

Holocaust: an Obligation to Remember. the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Washington, D.C. April 11-14, 1983

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Late Memories

Moshe Holczler� s Late Memories is an excerpt from Late Shadows, the inaugural volume of The Holocaust Diaries. Late Memories includes the author�s recollections of his own personal experiences and ordeals.

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Someday We'll Be Free (Abridged)

Life was secure, comfortable and immensely fulfilling, until German bombs began to fall on the fateful first day of September, 1939.

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Shoah: An Oral History of the Holocaust

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The Nazi Holocaust

Brief but surprisingly comprehensive, The Nazi Holocaust places the tragedy in historical context, summarizes its major events, and considers the moral, ethical, and psychological issues that have followed in its wake. By placing the..

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One of the holy cast: Judaism and the Holocaust through the eyes of a survivor

The 60 essays in this volume offer a unique insight into the history of the Jewish people, with special emphasis on the sufferings of European Jewry during World War II

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Late Reflections (SOFTCOVER)

Late Reflections is a special excerpt edition featuring selections from the highly acclaimed Late Shadows by Moshe Holczler,

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Stories Of Flight, Escape And Divine Providence During The Holocaust...

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