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by Chaim Walder, AS-IS

About this title:
STRING BOUND!!!!!>>>>>>>>With his best-selling Kids Speak series touching the hearts of kids all over, Chaim Walder now turns his attention to adults.This new collection of real stories by real people is a poignant panorama of the struggles and triumphs of people just like you. From troubled teens to adopted children, shidduchim mix-ups and raising children, every story comes with its own inspiring message. (Large Print Edition)

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ID #: 92629
Type: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 320
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Once Upon a Soul

His award- winning stories and essays, which have been read throughout the Anglo- Jewish world, inspire, enlighten and delight.

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Stardust: More True Stories of People Who Light Our World

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Jewels For The Crown: More Stories Of Return - Vol III

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Times Of Challenge - Inspiring stories of triumph over fear and adversity.

It's about joy, strength, and triumph in the most unlikely and chilling circumstances.

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From My Father's Table - Stories of warmth and inspiration.

Tenenbaum remembers that Shabbos table and the stories that gave it so much flavor and spirit. Her memories will become our memories

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