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Aids To Talmud Study

by Rabbi Aryeh Carmell, Published in 1974, 4th Rev.Ed. 1980

About this title:
Contains key Aramaic words, phrases, and abbreviations, with English translation. With Rabbi Shmuel ha-Naggid's 'Introduction to the Talmud,' in English.

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ID #: 92182
Type: Softcover
No. of Pages: 84

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The Gates of Repentance/Shaarei Teshuvah

For anyone seeking the true path to repentance and reconnection with G-d, this incisive guide is essential. With vowelized Hebrew and English translation.

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The Koren Pesah Mahzor

Celebrate the Festival of Freedom with the new Koren Pesah Mahzor. Rabbi Sacks, renowned translation and commentary clarify the prayers and explore the themes of the festival, from slavery to nationhood, and from exile to freedom.

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Echoes Of The Maggid

The Maggid is back! Rabbi Paysach J. Krohns previous Maggid books have only whetted the publics appetite for more stories..

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The Book Of Our Heritage: The Eight Days Of Pesach

THE BOOK OF OUR HERITAGE illuminates the many phases of the Jewish calendar year�its holidays, fast days, days of rejoicing....

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A Summary Of Halachos Of Pesach - Section 1

A discussion of products, Medications, and Cosmetics.

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The Metsudah Linear Passover Haggadah

The famous Metsudah Linear translated Passover Haggadah.

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What's Bothering Rashi? Devarim

This notable work enables the reader to meet the intellectual and spiritual challenge of learning Rashi...

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The Sanctity Of Speech: A Compendium of the Laws of Loshon Hora Based on Sefer Chofetz Chaim

A broad source of general and detailed information about the laws of loshon hora as well as a stepping stone to the more serious study of the classic works pertaining to this very important subject.

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The Book Of Our Heritage (3 Vol. Boxed Set) 1997

BEST SELLER! This beloved classic, , explores the holidays, Festivals and fast days of the Jewish calendar

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