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Of Parents And Penguins

by Moshe M. Eisemann

About this title:
"OF PARENTS AND PENGUINS". It is really a rather silly title; more eye-catching than substantive,more Madison Avenue hype than descriptive of a seriousanalysis of a very, very serious matter. So why use it I found myself asking this question as the booknears publication.

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Type: Softcover
No. of Pages: 131

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Partners With Hashem

Are you a parent, a "partner with Hashem" in raising His children and yours?" If so, are you over-stressed, under-appreciated, boxed in, burned out, overwhelmed? Good chance! Aren't we all, sometimes..

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The Quill Of the Heart Second Edition

Stories and advice on the Jewish approach to human relationships.

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Turrets of Silver Vol 2

An anthology of insights, comments and observations on the Torah Portions of the week.

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Chinuch Contemporary and Timeless

Today’s leading Rabbanim and chinuch experts provide parents and teachers with an unflinching examination of chinuch issues. Their invaluable guidance covers many difficult and sensitive topics such as egocentrism,

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Pirkei Avos Ethics of the Fathers

Avos is a book of ethics, honesty, and advice. But at its very beginning it tells us that even this part of Jewish life came from Sinai. All of that is part of Judaism

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The Jerusalem Quarterly ; Number Thirteen, Fall 1979

The journal is dedicated to providing scholarly articles on Jerusalem's history and on the dynamics and trends currently shaping the city....

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Towards International Guarantees For Religious Liberty

Addresses before the United Nations.

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Italia: Studi E Ricerche Sulla Storia La Cultura E La Laetteratura Degli Vol VI No 1-2 1987(Italian)

Italia: Periodical For Research In The Culture and Literature Of The Jews Of Italy. NOTE: 157 pages in Italian, 61 pages in English.

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Shivim Panim L'Chaim (Hebrew)

Shivim Panim L'Chaim/Re-Biographing And Deviance: Psychotherapeutic Narrativism And The Midrash. In Hebrew.

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