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Torah Dynamics

by Samson Krupnick and Morris Mandel

About this title:
A learned teacher and a family therapist demonstrate the relevance of Pirkei Avot to the search for meaning in contemporary life. Each chapter comprises a single timely topic which is thoroughly treated in light of all the pertinent references throughout Pirke Avot, so that the words of our Sages bridge the generations and speak to us today.(278 Pages)

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Type: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 275

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Strive For Truth: Part 5 (Patriarchs Of A nation (1)

The Selected Writings of rabbi E E Dessler rendered into english and annotated by Aryeh Carmell

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The Path Of The Just

for centuries as the priceless legacy of an inspired mind to the Jewry of the Torah. Ever since its appearance, this "handbook of the soul" has been "required reading".

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A Rabbi's Journal 2

Sit back and treat yourself to the insights of a dynamic community Rav and find out why his Congregants keep coming back for more. NOTICE: After-market binding- X-Library

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The Riddle Of the Bowing Moon

Reflections on Yosef Hatzadik and the Dreams That Set Our History in Motion

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The Road Back: A Discovery Of Judaism 2nd Revised Edition

Just what is Torah Judaism? This is a book with some highly intelligent answers by a young American Jew who started outside the fold and worked his way in. From a non-religious background,

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Wisdom Each Day (Nissan-Iyar) March-May

In this new book, he offers a new nugget for every day of Nissan-Iyar. No one's day should be without this shot of inspiration.

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Glimpses of Light: Revealing The Constant Hashgachah Pratis In Megillas Esther And In Our Daily Live

Megillas Esther: Ancient Story Or Present-Day Reality? Coincidence Or Miracle? Darkness Or Glimpses Of Light?

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V'Shee-Non-Tom: And Thou Shalt Teach Them - Pesach Shevuos Succohs

V'SHEE-NON-TOM achieved outstanding popularity during the years that it was published as a monthly on the Sedrah of each week. It was a scholarly and comprehensive monthly...NOTE: No Dust Jacket.

Price: $14.99
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Book of Mishnah Torah Yod Ha-Hazakah

Book of Mishnah Torah Yod Ha-Hazakah Book volume 1. Hakdamas HaRambam,Minyan HaMitzvos, andSefer Mada. With Introduction by the translator in Hebrew.

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