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Techinos (in Hebrew and English)

by Feldheim Publishers

About this title:
Prayers for women around the Jewish year.

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Type: Hardcover

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Grace After Meals and Sabbath Zemiros. Newly set text, translation of poetic beauty, complete, comprehensive and inspiring anthologized commentary, and Overviews. 320 pages.

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Hafrashat HaMann. 6 W X 8 H [See Picture For Prayer]

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Tochnit Gurim: Tefilot U'brachot Unit 1

This book may not be returned or exchanged it is sold AS-IS.

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A Legacy Of Jewish Heritage

This is an interesting volume printed by the World famous Tisch family in honor of their Grandchild's Bat Mitzvah.It is very elegant and beautiful. Includes many different Prayers and services pertaining to the Bat Mitzvah.

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Highlight: A Short Cut To T'Shuvoh

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