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Times of Challenge

by Seryl Sander

About this title:
Inspiring stories of triumph over fear and adversity.NO DUST JACKET

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ID #: 74361
Type: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 222

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Transfused With Hope: A Medical Mystery, A Miracle Baby

Scattered bruises are the Bergers' first clue that all is not right with their precious new baby. From there on, life as the...

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Living Each Day

LIVING EACH DAY provides an inspirational message and an appropriate prayer for every single day.

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Clouds Of Glory

As the pages of this unique saga unfold, you will laugh with Bleemie, cry with Bleemie, and ultimately wish that you, too, could have shared with Bleemie in the rediscovery of those neshamos in Kiev...

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Visions of Greatness 6

The power of a true story resonates in the heart. A true story inspires and uplifts. And a true story often connects the generations and brings us closer together. In this eighth volume of the "Vision of Greatness Series....

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The Blessing Of A Broken Heart

Broken-hearted mother sharing her thoughts and emotions as she moves through the first stages of mourning after Koby's murder.

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Partners In Torah Partners In Eternity

It starts off as a conversation. It develops into a simple partnership - two Jews spending one hour a week learning together, in person or by phone. THE PERSONAL STORIES, THE LIFE-CHANGING ENCOUNTERS

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You Can Learn Bitachon

This book is not a direct translation of Chovos Halevavos, but it is based on it. The material herein presents principles taken from that monumental work and that are further amplified there.

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Terror and Emunah in Har Nof: A Year of Growth and Faith

For days, the headlines screamed about the unprecedented attack. Terror, unfortunately, had become all too common, but to invade a peaceful synagogue, to brutally use guns to shoot men clad in tallis and tefilin,...

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List Price: $24.99
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Growing Each Day

In this book, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. shines the searchlight of the past on the present, on today - to help us survive today..

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You Save: $18.00 (68%)