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by Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

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Compact volume, the entire text and haftaros, with translation, abridged commentary and introductions. The ArtScroll Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a logical, comprehensible manner, like a master teacher on an exciting voyage of intellectual discovery.

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Type: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 340

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Bein HaShuros Al HaTorah (419 Pages) Hard Cover

AMAZING DEAL!! BRAND NEW! Divrei Iyun Al Inyanei HaShas HaMeyosdim Divrei HaRambam U'Pirush HaRamban, Minchas Chinuch U'Mesudrin Al Seder Parshiyos HaTorah. NOTE: Cover indicates "Krach Beis", this is a mistake, the full...(this is a complete safer)

Price: $3.50
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B'Misterei HaSatirah Vol 3 - AUTOGRAPHED COPY (Hebrew)

Hebrew satire in Europe in the Nineteenth Century...

Price: $16.99
Market Price: $38.00
You Save: $21.01 (55%)
The Complete Eruv Chatzeiros Guide

* Very Hard To Find! * Excellent Book on the issue of Eruv! The eruv chatzeros, or "mixed [ownership of] courtyards/domains", operates so that all the residents treat the entire area..THIS BOOK SELLS FOR $18+...

Price: $7.99
List Price: $45.00
You Save: $37.01 (82%)

The ArtScroll Selichos Complete For The First Night

The ArtScroll Selichos Complete For The First Night. Hebrew into English.

Price: $1.99
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The Book Of Our Heritage (3 Vol. Boxed Set) 1997

BEST SELLER! This beloved classic, , explores the holidays, Festivals and fast days of the Jewish calendar

Price: $39.99
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You Save: $40.00 (50%)
The Laws of Shmittah

A color pamphlet explaining the laws of shmitta.

Price: $6.99
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Mishnah Berurah Hebrew-English Edition: Vol. I(c) -Laws Of Daily Prayer (46-88)

The Hebrew English Mishnah Berurah, Laws of Everyday Living. The authoritative commentary, by the Chofetz Chaim, elucidating the Shulchan.RARE VOLUME!

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ArtScroll Series Rubin Edition Early Prophets:II Samuel/Shmuel 2 - Milstein Special Heritage Edition

Thanks to the brilliance of the ArtScroll/Mesorah team of scholars and writers led by Rabbi Nosson Scherman the tradition continues, with The Rubin Edition a translation and commentary of the Prophets that will sweep the

Price: $9.99
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Yad Avraham Mishnah Series:12 Tractates ROSH HASHANAH, YOMA, SUCCAH (Seder Moed vol. 3)

A new translation with a commentary anthologized from Talmudic, Midrashic and Rabbinic sources.

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