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    Letters to a Friend

    by Gila Feder

    About this title:
    Letters to a Friend is a small book on a big subject. a look at life and its mean- ing, based on the wisdom of Torah and Jewish thought.

    The letters sent back and forth between two young friends discuss with depth and sincerity how Judaism views issues like achieving happiness, the meaning of suffering, Life's priorities, and more. The searching questions and encouraging answers will enhance the spiritual growth of all who read them. [110 pg.]

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    ID #: 56519
    Type: Hardcover
    No. of Pages: 97

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    Timeless Tripod

    Soul-boosting Stories Of Torah,Avodah and Gemilus Chassadim.

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    In Time Of Need (Pocket Size)

    The call to prayer and Psalms, then, is the open acknowledgement that God is our ultimate source of blessing and success.

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    The Yom Kippur Avodah (A Descriptive and Pictorial Guide)

    A Descriptive and Pictorial Guide to the Yom Kippur Avodah, Also featuring translations of the descriptions of the Avodah in the Mussaf prayer of the Yom Kippur Machzor,

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    Not In Heaven Or Beyond The Sea

    Rabbi Werzberger speaks from his experience as a spiritual leader as what he characterize as "Large,well-organized model Jewish community in the mid-western United States.

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    One of the holy cast: Judaism and the Holocaust through the eyes of a survivor

    The 60 essays in this volume offer a unique insight into the history of the Jewish people, with special emphasis on the sufferings of European Jewry during World War II

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    Forever His Students

    What do our possessions really do for us? Are all men created equal? How do I fulfill the commandment to love G-d? An inspiring collection of Torah essays, Rabbi Boruch Leff addresses these questions and more.

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    From My Father's Table - Stories of warmth and inspiration.

    "Richly imbued with Torah and holiness of Shabbos, stories that were told at my father's table were not mere words. They were sweet delicacies

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    Making A Difference

    This collection of wonderful, true stories, highlights the strength of character, growth, and courage of their heroes and heroines...

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    Vignettes of Greatness #17

    A compilation of stories of "Outreach" from the famous series of books "Visions of Greatness" by Rabbi Yosef Weiss.

    Price: $2.99
    Market Price: $6.00
    You Save: $3.01 (50%)