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    Letters to a Friend

    by Gila Feder

    About this title:
    Letters to a Friend is a small book on a big subject. a look at life and its mean- ing, based on the wisdom of Torah and Jewish thought.

    The letters sent back and forth between two young friends discuss with depth and sincerity how Judaism views issues like achieving happiness, the meaning of suffering, Life's priorities, and more. The searching questions and encouraging answers will enhance the spiritual growth of all who read them. [110 pg.]

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    ID #: 56519
    Type: Hardcover
    No. of Pages: 97

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    Heaven Sent: Stories Of Faith And Effort

    How does a Jew earn a living? How much effort should he put into the marketplace? And how much reliance should he put on Heaven...

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    Inspiration And Insight

    Rabbi Segal's talks were down to earth, powerful, and uplifting; his topics timely, wide ranging and practical. This book presents these inspiring talks to the English-speaking public.NOTE: No Dust Jacket.

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    IsraGuide 2007/08 - Frum Israel Travel Guide

    The ultimate tourist manual for family attractions, hotels, restaurants, and religious sites all meticulously organized and in an easy-to-read format.

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    Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary People

    Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary People is an inspiring collection of true stories about real people who chose well, who chose wisely, and who, without publicity or fame, achieved greatness.

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    Passionate Judaism

    Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss is a well-known and popular speaker in the Jewish world. Now, in his very first book, in his refreshingly direct way gives advice on virtually every aspect of Jewish life.

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    The Best Of StoryLines

    Over two dozen interesting and inspiring stories that convey Jewish values and Torah concepts

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    It Wasn't How It Seemed (Pocket Size)

    Rebbetzin Yehudis Samet has "double vision" - and in this charming and stimulating book she shares...

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    More Jewels For The Crown

    Inspirational stories of the shuvu chazon avrohom children, founded by Harav Avrohom Pam Z"tl

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    Ohr HaChaim Chelek Gimmel (Hebrew)

    Sipurim Niflaim Shel Chozrei B'Tshuvah. In Hebrew.

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