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Heartbeats: Jewish Writers At Their Best

by Shoshana Lepon

About this title:
Heartbeats is a moving collection of writings straight from the Jewish heart. The fiction, essays, and poetry in this collection are all beautifully crafted and give us a slice of life with a uniquely Jewish flavor. Written in a language and style accessible to readers from all walks of life,

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Type: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 293
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Being And Becoming

Everyone wants to know how to raise children. How to teach them. This is truly a windfall for anyone who deals with human beings and wants to do it well. It is a valuable contribution to child-rearing and the process of education.

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The Jewish Idea - Vol 1

More than any other book written by Rabbi Kahane, 'The Jewish Idea' expreses the axioms which were the essence of his being. The fundamentals of Jewish faith which are set forth

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Making Little Things Count And Big Things Better

The reading is easy and the contents will bring an occasional chuckle and a frequent nod of recognition. In his seemingly casual way, Avi Shulman shows himself still to be a master teacher -- and we will enjoy being his students.

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Forever His Students

What do our possessions really do for us? Are all men created equal? How do I fulfill the commandment to love G-d? An inspiring collection of Torah essays, Rabbi Boruch Leff addresses these questions and more.

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List Price: $60.99
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Passionate Judaism

Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss is a well-known and popular speaker in the Jewish world. Now, in his very first book, in his refreshingly direct way gives advice on virtually every aspect of Jewish life.

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The Hidden Light: A New Look at the Holocaust and Other Essays in Emunah

A new look at the holocaust and other essays in emunah. Where is Hashem in our daily lives?

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In this uplifting and insightful book, Mr. Avi Shulman concentrates these points of light to help us combat the encroaching shadows, and to illuminate our hearts, minds and souls.

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The Menorah Treasury: Harvest of Half a Century

THE MENORAH JOURNAL was an outgrowth of the Menorah movement which originated at Harvard University in 1906. This book is a collection of articles published in the journal over a half-century span.

Price: $8.99
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Keystones of the world: Ten narratives highlighting the significance of stones in the Torah

From the Even Shesiyah, foundation stone of the world, to the walls of the Temple, stones have played a significant part in our Jewish destiny. Here the author weaves the teachings of the Sages into an absorbing and unusual study of this phenomenon.

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