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Why Should Jews Survive?

by Goldberg

About this title:
Since biblical times, Jews have defined themselves as God's uniquely chosen people--a status affirmed and symbolized by the Exodus story. Israel's deliverance from Egypt offers evidence of a God who makes and keeps generation-spanning covenants. In the past fifty year, however, Jewish identity has had two distinctly different focal points: the Holocaust and the State of Israel.

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Lest We Forget

A first hand account of what is was like growing up in Nazi occupied Leipzig,Germany during the years 1933-1939.

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Endless Miracles

Jack Ratz was a boy of fourteen when his city of Riga, Latvia fell to the Nazis. Many of Jack's family, friends, and fellow Jews were murdered.incredibly escaped death and found himself among a small group of surviving Latvian Jews.

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Late Memories

Moshe Holczler� s Late Memories is an excerpt from Late Shadows, the inaugural volume of The Holocaust Diaries. Late Memories includes the author�s recollections of his own personal experiences and ordeals.

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As Long as I Remain Alive

The saga of the survival of a young Dutch Sefardic Jew in the death camps

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Wings Above The Flames

Stories Of Flight, Escape And Divine Providence During The Holocaust

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The Transfer Agreement

The Dramatic Story of the Secret Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine

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Tell The World: The Story of the Sobibor Revolt

may G-d be with you!"These words launched the most daring and successful escape from a Nazi death camp during World War II.

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The Diary Of Dawid Sierakowiak

�In the evening I had to prepare food and cook supper, which exhausted me totally. In politics there�s absolutely nothing new.

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Hope is the Last to Die: A Coming of Age Under Nazi Terror

This book, a classic of Holocaust reminiscence, was originally published in Poland in 1967. Covering the years 1939-1945, it is the author's own account of her experience growing up in

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