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Sefer Hayovel Rabbinical Alliance (Hebrew/English)

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Sefer Hayovel Rabbinical Alliance (Hebrew/English)

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Type: Hardcover

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A true heart touching story that happened in our times.

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The Miracle Next Door

Meet Yona Yacobowicz, an exceptional woman with an exceptional life story. Despite her struggles with a debilitating physical illness, she founded Tofa'ah, the Jewish world's first women's band.

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Weltwende (German)

Weltwende (German). Inhalt: Zur Erinnerung an das deutsche Judentum....

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A Treasury Of Jewish Folklore

The Stories, Traditions, Legends, Humor, and Wisdom of the Jewish People 750 Stories

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We the People: Reflections on American History and Jewish Thought

The story of America's transformation from a few struggling colonies to the world's only superpower is an enthralling one.

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Peninim On The Torah: Fourth Series

Peninim, which is prepared and edited by Rabbi A.L. Scheinbaum, originated as a community service project for the Hebrew Academy of

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Dershowitz discusses the changes they've witnessed, changes they've created, and the changes that must still take place. He examines anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, assimilation, Zionism, civil rights,

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Jewish Life In The Village Communities Of Southern Germany

On the cover: Detail of painted ceiling in the synagogue at Horb, near Bamberg, Southern Germany. Painted by Eliezer Sussman, 1735. Wood upper portion of Torah Ark..

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Diaspora and the Lost Tribes of Israel

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