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    Encyclopedia of Jews in Sports

    by Bernard Postal

    About this title:
    A comprehensive encyclopedia of Jewish athletes who participated in organized Sports...

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    ID #: 22597
    Type: Hardcover
    No. of Pages: 526
     Out of print, Hard to Find!

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    Destiny Vol. 1

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    Jerusalem Diaries: On Tense Times

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    Pirkei Iyun B'Toldos HaChinuch HaYehudi (Hebrew)

    Pirkei Iyun B'Toldos HaChinuch HaYehudi/Studies in the history of Jewish education. In Hebrew.

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    A Jew Returns home

    Breathtaking testimonial to the beauty and truth of Judaism! This thought-provoking book features Sara Soester, a former interviewer for leading...

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    HaMehafchah HaTzarftit U'Rishumah (Hebrew)

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    Album L'Chagigas Siyum HaRambam (Hebrew)

    Leket Kesubos V'Tatzlumim M'Chagigos Siyum HaMachzor HaRishon Shel HaLimud HaYomi B'Rambam L'Or Kriyas Admor M'Lubavitch. MANY PICTURES!!

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    Adirei HaTorah - Rebbi Akiva (Hebrew)

    Mivchar Shel Sipurei Chazal Al Tanaiim V'Amoraiim M'Lukatim M'Talmud Bavli V'Yerushalmi Midrashim V'Sifrei Agados Chazal L'Yaldim..NOTE: Black Binding tape on spine and corners.

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