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Otzar HaMishpat (Hebrew)
by Nahum Rakover, Jerusalem 1975

      ID #: 50551
Short Description: Otzar HaMishpat/A Bibliography Of Jewish Law: Modern books, monographs and articles in Hebrew (Hebrew).
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HaMischar B'Mishpat HaIvri (Hebrew) - AUTOGRAPHED COPY
by Nahum Rakover - Jerusalem 1987

      ID #: 49493
Short Description: Perakim B'Hagnas Hatzarchan, HaSocher V'Hanoseh/Commerce In Jewish Law.

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Chok L'Yisrael - Assiyat Osher V'Lo B'Mishpat (Hebrew)
by Nahum Rakover - Jerusalem 1991

      ID #: 43410
Short Description: Jewish Law For Israel; A systematic and up to date presentation of Jewish Law as a basis for legislation and Judicial decision/Unjust Enrichment, including building and planting on another's property. In Hebrew.

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