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The Language Of Judaism
by Simon Glustrom, Aronson Publishers, 1988

      ID #: 95246
Short Description: The Language Of Judaism is is a lively and unique exposition of that vocabulary's most central terms and concepts

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List Price: $41.95
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To Be A Jewish Woman
by Lisa Aiken, Aronson Publishers, 1992= SIGNED!!!!

      ID #: 95240
Short Description: This book contains a wealth of information for the Jewish Woman. Anyone searching for the greater understanding of the role of the Jewish woman will find almost all answers that may come up as well as many others that you have never even thought of

Our Price: $12.99


To Walk In God's Ways
by Joseph S. Ozarowski -Jason Aronson Publishers 1995

      ID #: 90330
Short Description: To Walk In God's Ways: Jewish pastoral perspectives on illness and bereavement.

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Prayer And Penitence
by Jeffrey M. Cohen, Aronson Publishers, 1994

      ID #: 89787
Short Description: A commentary on the High Holy Day Machzor.

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Holy Brother
by Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum, Aronson Publishers, 1997

      ID #: 89563
Short Description: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach was one of the most original and inspired Jewish personalities of the twentieth century.

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