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Western States Jewish History - Vol XXXIV No 3 Spring 2002
by Western States Jewish History

      ID #: 92825
Short Description: A periodical on different points of Jewish history in the Western United States.

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Josephus: The Jewish War
by G.A. Williamson Translator

      ID #: 92674
Short Description: Josephus’ account of a war marked by treachery and atrocity is a superbly detailed and evocative record of the Jewish rebellion against Rome between AD 66 and 70.

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List Price: $9.99
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Jews on the Frontier: An Account of Jewish Pioneers and Settlers in Early America
by I. Harold Sharfman

      ID #: 92672
Short Description: An account of early Jewish pioneers and settlers in America

Our Price: $12.99


Jews, Justice and Judaism: A Narrative of the Role Played by Jews in Shaping American History
by Robert St. John

      ID #: 92671
Short Description: Jews, Justice and Judaism: A Narrative of the Role Played by Jews in Shaping American History

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List Price: $15.99
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The Guide Of The Perplexed
by Shlomo Pines

      ID #: 92650
Short Description: This monument of rabbinical exegesis written at the end of the twelfth century has exerted an immense and continuing influence upon Jewish thought. Its aim is to liberate people..
A Classic!

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List Price: $69.99
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Jews and Muslims in the Arab World: Haunted by Pasts Real and Imagined
by Jacob Lassner and S. Ilan Troen

      ID #: 92644
Short Description: Jews and Muslims in the Arab World highlights the effects of historical memory on the Arab-Israel conflict, demonstrating that both Jews and Arabs use stories of distant pasts to create their identities

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List Price: $48.00
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Hasidism Reappraised
by Ada Rapoport-Albert

      ID #: 92637
Short Description: Hasidism has been a seminal force and a source of controversy in the Jewish world since its inception in the second half of the 18th century. Indeed, almost every ideological trend..
Hard to find!

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Essays on Jewish Folklore and Comparative Literature
by Alexander Scheiber

      ID #: 92560
Short Description: The present volume collects, for the first time, his most important articles attempting a synthesis the ethnography and literature of East and West.

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The Death of Death
by Neil Gillman

      ID #: 92501
Short Description: In The Death of Death, noted theologian Neil Gillman offers readers an original and compelling argument that Judaism, a religion often thought to pay little attention to the afterlife...

Our Price: $11.99
List Price: $27.95
You Save: $15.96 (57%)


The Jewish Educational Leader's Handbook
by Robert E. Tornberg editor

      ID #: 92465
Short Description: Ideal for new and experienced educators alike, this is a critical resource for directors of both day and supplementary schools.

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List Price: $45.00
You Save: $23.01 (51%)


The Book of Genesis: An Introduction to the Biblical World
by Zvi Adar

      ID #: 92456
Short Description: This book tries to present the aim, spirit and content of the Book of Genesis. Most literature on the Book of Genesis consists of either a detailed commentary on the Book or a study of its different sources and components. This work intends, instead.

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Body & Soul: a Guide for Addressing Eating Disorders in a Jewish Education Setting
by Dr. Caroline Peyser & ATID Fellows

      ID #: 92428
Short Description: "Body and Soul" addresses the problem of eating disorders in the Jewish community, reviews effective policies for therapy and treatment, and suggests ways for Jewish schools--especially "Overseas Programs" in Israel--...

Our Price: $3.50
List Price: $7.00
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History And Jewish Historians
by Salo W. Baron - Published In 1964

      ID #: 92352
Short Description: A historical book on Jewish historians...

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List Price: $15.00
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The Dead Sea Scroll: A Very Short Introduction
by Timothy H. Lim

      ID #: 92277
Short Description: Since their discovery in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls have become an icon in popular culture that transcends their status as ancient Jewish manuscripts. Everyone has heard of the Scrolls, but amidst the conspiracies, the politics, ...

Our Price: $5.99
List Price: $11.95
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In the Tradition of Moses and Mohammed: Jewish and Arab Folktales
by Blanche L. Serwer - Bernstein

      ID #: 92239
Short Description: A Collection of Jewish and Arab Tales.

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List Price: $140.00
You Save: $130.01 (93%)


Israel of Tomorrow Vol.1
by Leo Jung 1949

      ID #: 92209
Short Description: 22 Authors Discuss: Religion,Anti-Semitism,The Arts, Science, Law,Palestine, Poland, America, Jewish Education in the World of Tomorrow.

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List Price: $25.00
You Save: $13.01 (52%)


Conversion to Judaism: A History and Analysis
by David Max Eichhorn editor

      ID #: 92208
Short Description: A History and Analysis. The subject of conversion is one of the most debate and misunderstood theological subjects in modern Judaism. Conversion to Judaism presents a history and analysis of this vital and controversial subject.

Our Price: $5.99


Judaism And Christianity
by Leo Baeck, Walter Kaufmann

      ID #: 92201
Short Description: Written over a period of nearly four decades, these Essays reflect a continuing, vital, and meaningful connection with the substance of Judaism.
Out of print, Hard to Find!

Our Price: $15.99


The Tragedy of Zionism: How Its Revolutinary Past Haunts Israeli Democracy
by Bernard Avishai

      ID #: 92155
Short Description: This original and acclaimed book explores how the impetus to settle in the "Whole" Land of Israel after 1967 derived from unexamined Zionist commitments which, though perhaps defensible in the 1930s,....

Our Price: $4.99
List Price: $27.50
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Why We Watched : Europe , America, and the Holocaust
by Theodore S. Hamerow

      ID #: 92154
Short Description: This book answers the most pressing question about the Holocaust: Why did the West do nothing as Hitler's killing machine took hold?

Our Price: $4.99
List Price: $10.99
You Save: $6.00 (55%)

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