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Joy and Responsibility: Israel, Modernity and the Renewal of Judaism
by David Hartman

      ID #: 86936
Short Description: The halakhic tradition is not properly understood in the West. Christian thinkers often are perplexed by the notion of the joy of mitzvah...
Out of print, Hard to Find!

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The Temple: Its Symbolism And Meaning Then And Now
by Joshua Berman, Aronson, 1995

      ID #: 86932
Short Description: A study of how the commandments relating to the ancient Temple still impact upon the life of the modern Jew.

Our Price: $39.99


Revelation Restored
by David Weiss Halivni

      ID #: 86926
Short Description: Renowned Judaic scholar David Weiss Halivni explores internal inconsistencies in the Pentateuch and examines the question of how the Rabbinic tradition..

Our Price: $25.00


The Path of the Upright: Mesillat Yesharim
by Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto/Mordechai M. Kaplan 1995 Edition

      ID #: 86917
Short Description: The Path of the Upright: Mesillat Yesharim

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List Price: $29.00
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Jewish Woman In Jewish Law
by Moshe Meiselman

      ID #: 86890
Short Description: What has been the attitude of Jewish law to women? How does Jewish tradition view the contemporary challenge of feminism? These questions are the major issues..
Hard to find!

Our Price: $26.99


Antisemitic Myths: A Historical and Contemporary anthology
by Marvin Perry and Frederick M. Schweitzer Editors

      ID #: 86669
Short Description: The current revival of antisemitism in Europe and the demonization of Jews in parts of the Muslim world give special importance to the exposure of the myths and lies that for centuries led people to regard Jews ....

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Seeking Zion: Modernity and Messianic Activism in the Writings of Tsevi Hirsch Kalischer
by Jody Meyers

      ID #: 86432
Short Description: Tsevi Hirsch Kalischer (1795-1874) was one of the first Orthodox rabbis to advocate direct political action in order to radically transform Jewish life.

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Excavating the Bible: New Archaeological Evidence for the Historical Reliability of Scripture
by Yitzhak Meitlis

      ID #: 86420
Short Description: After many decades of academic secularism, we see that archaeologists and historians are regularly dismissive of Religion and often downright hostile. Few in academia have bothered to read the Bible and even fewer have...

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The Encyclopedia of Talmudic Disputes and Perspectives:R" Yochanaan and Reish Lakish
by Rabbi Nachman Cohen, Torah Lishmah Institute

      ID #: 85969
Short Description: The Comparative study of R. Yochanan and his disciple Reish Lakish demonstrates that their disputes , recorded throughout Talmudic and Midrashic literature ,are grounded in major differences
Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $75.00


Mah Sh'lmaalah U'Mah Sh'Lmatah
by Yeshayahu Leibowitz

      ID #: 85935
Short Description: Mah Sh'lmaalah U'Mah Sh'Lmatah Yeshayahu Leibowitz Sichot im Toni Lavie

Our Price: $25.00
List Price: $50.00
You Save: $25.00 (50%)


Urban Civilization in Pre-Crusade Europe 2 Volumes
by Irving A. Agus

      ID #: 85930
Short Description: Urban Civilization in Pre-Crusade Europe: a Study of Organized Town-Life in Northwestern Europe during the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries Based on the Responsa Literature

Our Price: $99.99
List Price: $200.00
You Save: $100.01 (50%)


The Torah: Portion -by-Portion
by Seymour Rossel

      ID #: 85889
Short Description: The author who brought the text of the Bible alive for a generation of primary grade readers, now brings the Torah text and modern commentary to the classroom..

Our Price: $7.99
List Price: $16.95
You Save: $8.96 (53%)


The Legacy Of Maimonides
by Yamin Levy/Shalom Carmy

      ID #: 85725
Short Description: Religion, Reason and community.
Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $44.99


The Faith of the Mithnagdim: Rabbinic Responses to Hasidic Rapture
by Allan Nadler

      ID #: 85688
Short Description: The Faith of the Mithnagdim is the first study of the theological roots of the Mithnagdic objection to Hasidism. Allan Nadler's pioneering effort fills the void in scholarship on Mithnagdic thought and corrects the impression....

Our Price: $9.99
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Understanding The Midrash
by Amos W. Miller

      ID #: 85482
Short Description: Interpretations of the Exodus for modern times.

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List Price: $20.00
You Save: $11.01 (55%)


Fifty Key Jewish Thinkers
by Dan Cohn-Sherbok

      ID #: 85480
Short Description: Fifty Key Jewish Thinkers is a panoramic survey of over 2,000 years of Jewish thought, religious and secular, ancient and modern.

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List Price: $16.99
You Save: $11.00 (65%)


Peshat and Derash: Plain and Applied Meaning in Rabbinic Exegesis
by David Weiss Halivni

      ID #: 85479
Short Description: From the days of Plato, the problem of the efficacy and adequacy of the written word as a vehicle of human communication has challenged mankind, yet the mystery of how best to achieve clarity and exactitude of written ..
Hard to find!

Our Price: $75.00
List Price: $200.00
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The Midrash on Proverbs
by Burton L. Visotzky

      ID #: 85474
Short Description: The Midrash on Proverbs, a ninth-century collection of rabbinical commentary on the Book of Proverbs, is now available to English-speaking audiences for the first time. Burton L. Visotztzky
Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $41.99
List Price: $85.00
You Save: $43.01 (51%)


Judaism from Cyrus to Hadrian 2 Volumes
by Lester L. Grabbe

      ID #: 85451
Short Description: History of Second Temple Era Volume 1 Persian and Greek periods. Volume 2 The Roman Period.

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List Price: $69.99
You Save: $35.00 (50%)


The Creation: According To The Midrash Rabbah
by Wilfred Shuchat

      ID #: 85441
Short Description: English translation of the Midrash Rabbah, one of the oldest Rabbinic texts that deal with the Biblical act of Creation.
Out of print, Hard to Find!

Our Price: $44.99

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