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The Choices Of Daniel Trigo (You Choose The Ending!)
by Joseph Neppe

      ID #: 76720
Short Description: Young Daniel Trigo watches in horror as his parents are arrested one Friday afternoon. As the long arm of the Spanish Inquisition wrenches the Trigos from their home in..
Hard to find!

Our Price: $19.99
List Price: $45.00
You Save: $25.01 (56%)


HaNetzer HaAcharon: Bustenai
by M. Lehman, Hebrew Edition

      ID #: 76632
Short Description: When the Persian king sets out to destroy all members of the Jewish royal family, only a newborn infant escapes execution

Our Price: $6.99
List Price: $16.00
You Save: $9.01 (56%)


Heroes Of Hanukkah KTAV
by Donald Lieberman

      ID #: 76520
Short Description: Heroes of Hanukkah is a fast-paced historical novel that dramatically recreates the exciting events of two crucial years in the history of the Jewish people...

Our Price: $3.99
List Price: $11.00
You Save: $7.01 (64%)


The Long Journey Home
by Benzion Firer

      ID #: 76331
Short Description: A Novel -Zissel was the daughter of a wealthy assimilated lawyer. In a fervor of idealism, both left their Small town..NOTE: No Dust Jacket.
Hard to find!

Our Price: $19.99
List Price: $20.00
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The Yellow Wind
by David Grossman

      ID #: 75716
Short Description: The Israeli novelist David Grossman's impassioned account of what he observed on the West Bank in early 1987...

Our Price: $3.99
List Price: $16.00
You Save: $12.01 (75%)


The House On Kyverdale Road
by Chaiky Halpern

      ID #: 75608
Short Description: In This enchanting historical novel, the author skillfully weaves Details from the past into a gripping, contemporary narrative set in Stamford hill.

Our Price: $5.99
List Price: $14.99
You Save: $9.00 (60%)


Prince Of Akko
by Raphael Sackville

      ID #: 75365
Short Description: A tory of Chaim Farhi, a heroic young Jew who comes to grips with the most cruel. greedy, dishonest, Jew-hating pasha in all of Palestine.

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $21.99
You Save: $11.00 (50%)


Rabbi Joselman Of Rosheim volume 2 (Original Printing - Collectible
by Marcus Lehman

      ID #: 74270
Short Description: One of the most fascinating historical novels tells the story of the, great champion of the Jewish people during the first half of the sixteenth century.

Our Price: $24.99
List Price: $40.00
You Save: $15.01 (38%)


The Edge of Darkness
by Avraham Tzuri

      ID #: 73908
Short Description: "The Edge of Darkness" is a sweeping historical novel set in twelfth century Spain, whose ...
Long Out of print, Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $23.99


HaChalom (Hebrew)
by Avner Gold

      ID #: 62798
Short Description: "The Dream" by Avner Gold in Hebrew.

Our Price: $8.25
List Price: $20.00
You Save: $11.75 (59%)

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