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The King's Special Loaves
by Yaakov Meir Strauss

      ID #: 98429
Short Description: A Special Book For Kids--Educational, Exciting, And Adventurous! A Historical Adventure, Including The Preparation Of The Lechem Ha-Panim And Shtei Ha-Lechem And The Laws Of Menachos

Our Price: $30.00


The Parnas (P/b)
by Meir Baram, Feldheim, 1987

      ID #: 97307
Short Description: The Parnas is a fictional novel, based on careful historical detail. Far removed from the Jewish life we know, its stark portrayal of the early Middle Ages is the story of bravery, belief and Jewish courage.
Hard to find!

Our Price: $30.00


The Scholar Fighter
by Libby M. Klaperman

      ID #: 95062
Short Description: The Story of Saadia Gaon
Out of print, Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $19.99


Royal Challenge- A Chess Odyssey: From King Solomon to Cyrus the Great� and Beyond
by Yitzhak Salomon

      ID #: 95028
Short Description: The birthplace of chess is shrouded in mystery. Legend maintains that the game was created in the court of King Solomon about 3,000 years ago�

Our Price: $14.99


The Young Moses: Prince Of Egypt
by Asher Lehmann

      ID #: 93754
Short Description: As he approaches his eighteenth birthday, Moses, raised by Pharaoh's daughter as potential heir to the throne of Egypt, is faced with a conflict that almost destroys him:
Out of print, Hard to Find!

Our Price: $24.99


Journey To The End Of The Earth
by Devorah Rand

      ID #: 93386
Short Description: Fact-Based Historical Fiction At Its Riveting Best!

Our Price: $18.99
List Price: $25.99
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Star Children
by Clara Asscher-Pinkhof

      ID #: 92210
Short Description: Clara Asscher- Pinkhof had a dream in 1943: "Star Children. The children with the Jewish star. They went past me, the star children that I had known and knew in the critical times in the city and in the theater which was their ...

Our Price: $9.99
List Price: $29.99
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One Special Prayer
by Yaakov Meir Strauss

      ID #: 84229
Short Description: Join Naftali, beloved hero of the Naftali in the Beis Hamikdash series, in this latest adventure! The radiance and holiness of the Second Temple comes to life for the spellbound reader in this riveting book...
Hard to find!

Our Price: $49.99

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