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A Handbook Of General Torah Knowledge: Expanded Edition
by Torah Umesorah Publications 2004

      ID #: 89548
Short Description: A Handbook Of General Torah Knowledge: . Many basic words and ideas on Judaism in Hebrew with some English translation.

Our Price: $7.99
List Price: $16.50
You Save: $8.51 (52%)


The Concise Book of Mitzvoth - Full Size
by Chafetz Chaim

      ID #: 89414
Short Description: The Jewish people are enjoined to observe the 613 Divine commandments inscribed in the holy Torah,Vowelized Hebrew text with English translation on facing pages.
Hard to find!

Our Price: $14.99
List Price: $24.95
You Save: $9.96 (40%)


Sefer Hachinuch: Selected Portion
by Translated by Avraham Yaakov Finkel

      ID #: 89284
Short Description: Sefer Hachinuch: Selected Portions in English.

Our Price: $7.99
List Price: $21.00
You Save: $13.01 (62%)


Biblical Literacy
by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin- 1997

      ID #: 88843
Short Description: The most important people, events, and ideas of the Hebrew people.

Our Price: $6.99
List Price: $29.95
You Save: $22.96 (77%)


A Philosophy Of Mizvot
by Gersion Appel

      ID #: 88800
Short Description: In his wide-ranging study, Dr. Appel presents a comprehensive view 0f the ethical and religious philosophy.

Our Price: $7.99


A Rational Approach to Judaism and Torah Commentary
by Rabbi Dr. Israel Drazin

      ID #: 88545
Short Description: This engaging and informative work presents a rational and thought provoking approach to the understanding of Judaism.

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $22.99
You Save: $12.00 (52%)


From Fear to Eternity: 10 Steps to Achieving the Benefits of Being Jewish
by A. Lefkowitz

      ID #: 88048
Short Description: No matter how you were raised or your current level of observance, this book is a road map for any Jew who is seeking to intensify the pleasures of being Jewish.

Our Price: $7.99
List Price: $17.95
You Save: $9.96 (55%)


Let's Get Biblical: Why Doesn't Judaism accept the Christian Messiah? volume 1
by Rabbi Tovia Singer

      ID #: 87936
Short Description: Rabbi Tovia Singer is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts on Jewish evangelism, and his fascinating and inspiring book answers the age-old, nagging question, "Why Don't Jews Believe in Jesus?"

Our Price: $19.99
List Price: $59.00
You Save: $39.01 (66%)


Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
by Rabbi Shmuel Waldman, 2002

      ID #: 87913
Short Description: Written for the Jew who seeks evidence and proofs that the principal beliefs of Judaism are indeed true, this book is readable and friendly.

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $25.99
You Save: $15.00 (58%)


A Book Of Jewish Concepts
by Philip Birnbaum

      ID #: 87835
Short Description: Encyclopedic in scope, easy to consult,and convenient to use, A Book of Jewish Concepts has been designed not only for teachers and...

Our Price: $6.99
List Price: $17.99
You Save: $11.00 (61%)


The Jewish Theory of Everything
by Max Anteby, Artscroll, 2002

      ID #: 87817
Short Description: Take a look behind the scenes at the Theory of Everything -- the Unifying Force that makes everything in the universe tick. This book will challenge, amaze and amuse you as you discover the answers

Our Price: $8.99
List Price: $18.99
You Save: $10.00 (53%)


Off The Derech - Why Observant Jews Leave Judaism and How to Respond to the Challenge
by Faranak Margolese

      ID #: 87702
Short Description: Each chapter of this well-researched book deals with a different element of the "Off the Derech" syndrome as it explains, in detail, how parents can reach children
Hard to find!

Our Price: $19.99


Divine Design
by Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Emanuel

      ID #: 87275
Short Description: A Penetrating look at the Foundations fo Judaism and the Festivals through Betzalel's Names.

Our Price: $12.99
List Price: $21.99
You Save: $9.00 (41%)


Judaism in a Nutshell: GOD
by Shimon Apisdorf, Leviathan Press, 2001

      ID #: 86858
Short Description: Apisdorf has a unique ability to communicate the practical wisdom of Judaism and show how it relates to everyday life. The Jerusalem Report

Our Price: $5.99
List Price: $12.95
You Save: $6.96 (54%)


Anvil Of Sinai
by Rabbi Zechariah Fendel

      ID #: 86629
Short Description: In this work, the author clarifies many fundamental facets of Torah faith, while emphasizing their relevancy for the contemporary Jew. In a clear, highly readable style

Our Price: $8.99
List Price: $24.99
You Save: $16.00 (64%)


Aseres Hadibros: The Ten Commandments - A new translation
by Artscroll/Mesorah

      ID #: 86371
Short Description: A new translation with a commentary anthologized from talmudic, midrashic and rabbinic sources

Our Price: $5.50
List Price: $10.99
You Save: $5.49 (50%)


Sefer Hahinnuch: Tishre
by Charles Wengrov

      ID #: 86242
Short Description: The book of mitzvah education for the month of tishre

Our Price: $6.95
List Price: $15.00
You Save: $8.05 (54%)


Jewish Spiritual Practices
by Yitzhak Buxbaum, Aronson, 1990

      ID #: 85677
Short Description: Like a modern-style Self-Help book from the sages, Jewish Spiritual Practices provides a rich volume of practical yet spiritual advice... (Has some notes in it)
Hard to find!

Our Price: $20.99
List Price: $59.99
You Save: $39.00 (65%)


This is my God First Edition
by Herman Wouk, First Edition

      ID #: 85209
Short Description: This Is My God is Herman Wouk's famous introduction to Judaism...

Our Price: $19.99
List Price: $25.99
You Save: $6.00 (23%)


The Faith Of Judaism
by Isidore Epstein

      ID #: 84385
Short Description: An interpretation for our times.
A Classic!

Our Price: $12.99
List Price: $25.99
You Save: $13.00 (50%)

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