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For more information on Israel, Jewish Used Books is a perfect place to find a wealth of information. We offer books about the land, Hebrew-English Dictionaries, the out-of-print and very rare Sambatyon, and many books written from a religious Israeli perspective. You will be able to learn about issues in Israel and even buy an Israeli flag. Browse our selection and if you cannot find what you are looking for, we will find it for you. Our simple and convenient service saves you time and money, as we aim to satisfy every customer that visits Jewish Used Books, so please contact us if you have any questions.

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All About Israel
by Sara Schachter and Sol Scharfstein

      ID #: 95166
Short Description: All About Israel
Hard to find!

Our Price: $4.99
List Price: $20.00
You Save: $15.01 (75%)


Pillar of Fire: The Rebirth of Israel: A Visual History
by Yigal Lossin

      ID #: 95159

Our Price: $6.99
List Price: $30.00
You Save: $23.01 (77%)


Standing With Israel: Why Christians Support Israel
by David Brog

      ID #: 95154
Short Description: Brog makes persuasive appeals to Christians to embrace Israel and to Jews to overcome their fears of Christian Zionists

Our Price: $3.99
List Price: $19.99
You Save: $16.00 (80%)


Moshe Arens Statesman and Scientist Speaks Out
by Merrill Simon

      ID #: 95124
Short Description: This is a book not so much ABOUT Moshe Arens as it is a book OF Moshe Arens. His is a life deeply etched by experience.

Our Price: $5.99
List Price: $19.99
You Save: $14.00 (70%)


Self-Portrait Of A Hero
by Yonatan Netanyahu

      ID #: 95123
Short Description: Self-portrait of a hero: The letters of Jonathan Netanyahu (1963-1976)

Our Price: $4.99
List Price: $17.00
You Save: $12.01 (71%)


Israel: A Personal History
by David Ben-Gurion

      ID #: 94982

Our Price: $11.99
List Price: $28.99
You Save: $17.00 (59%)


If I Forget Thee: Ben Ish Hai Anthology
by Ben Ish Hai

      ID #: 94933
Short Description: A look at Jerusalem and the Holy Land, their unique spiritual qualities, and the reason for the special place they occupy in the hearts of the Jewish People

Our Price: $15.99
List Price: $34.99
You Save: $19.00 (54%)


Altneuland. Old-new land
by Theodor Herzl Translated by Paula Arnold 1960 Edition

      ID #: 94879
Short Description: The Old New Land is a utopian novel by Theodor Herzl (1860 – 1904), the founder of political Zionism. Outlining Herzl’s vision for a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, this book became one of Zionism's establishing texts.

Our Price: $9.99
List Price: $25.99
You Save: $16.00 (62%)


Palestine: A Twice-Promised Land: The British, the Arabs & Zionism, 1915-1920
by Isaiah Friedman- SIGNED!!!

      ID #: 94838

Our Price: $19.99
List Price: $75.00
You Save: $55.01 (73%)


Germany, Turkey, and Zionism 1897-1918
by Isiah Friedman

      ID #: 94837

Our Price: $19.99
List Price: $50.00
You Save: $30.01 (60%)


Battling For Peace
by Shimon Peres

      ID #: 94834
Short Description: Battling For Peace: A Memoir.

Our Price: $8.99
List Price: $25.00
You Save: $16.01 (64%)


Beloved Country
by Ilan Hagari, editor

      ID #: 94831

Our Price: $25.00
List Price: $50.00
You Save: $25.00 (50%)


Living History: A Memoir
by Chaim Herzog

      ID #: 94830
Short Description: Freedom fighter, army general, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations during the turbulent '70s, president of Israel from 1983 to 1993--Chaim Herzog's life has paralleled the life of Israel itself.

Our Price: $4.95
List Price: $30.00
You Save: $25.05 (84%)


The Case for Israel
by Alan Dershowitz

      ID #: 94704
Short Description: Drawing on scrupulous, unbiased research and his peerless skills as an advocate, Dershowitz conclusively refutes thirty-two separate slurs, slanders, and misrepresentations that have been hurled at Israel in recent years

Our Price: $6.99
List Price: $19.95
You Save: $12.96 (65%)


The Mark of Cain- A Bitter smile from besieged Israel
by Ephraim Kishon

      ID #: 94627

Our Price: $9.99
List Price: $47.50
You Save: $37.51 (79%)


Unfair to Goliath
by Ephraim Kishon

      ID #: 94626
Short Description: lsraels famous humorist Ephraim Kishon knows just how hilarious the serious things of life have to be and just how devastatingly grave are those most trivial domestic tragedies.

Our Price: $9.99


The Bomb in the Basement. How Israel went Nuclear and What that Means for the World
by Michael Karpin

      ID #: 94545
Short Description: As Iran continues to develop its nuclear program and explicitly denounces Israel, Michael Karpin's The Bomb in the Basement provides important context for the ongoing tensions in the Middle East.

Our Price: $5.99
List Price: $24.99
You Save: $19.00 (76%)


One Palestine Complete
by Tom Segev

      ID #: 94537
Short Description: One Palestine Complete: Jews and Arabs under British mandate.

Our Price: $4.99
List Price: $18.00
You Save: $13.01 (72%)


The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace.
by Dennis Ross

      ID #: 94520
Short Description: The inside story of the fight for Middle East peace.

Our Price: $5.99
List Price: $35.00
You Save: $29.01 (83%)


Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad
by Gordon Thomas, St Martins Press, 1999

      ID #: 94492
Short Description: In the secret world of spies and covert operations, no other intelligence service continues to be surrounded by myth and mystery, or commands respect and fear, like Israels Mossad.

Our Price: $4.99
List Price: $19.99
You Save: $15.00 (75%)

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