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Our Youth section here at Jewish Used Books offers Jewish novels for youth, Jewish Bible Stories for children, and tales of growing up as a Jewish Youth in a challenging culture. Find books that will ignite your child's imagination and guide them in the ways of pure living. Browse our used Jewish books for youth and if you are looking for something in particular that you cannot find, we will find it for you. Our simple and convenient service saves you time and money, as we aim to satisfy every customer that visits Jewish Used Books, so please contact us if you have any questions.

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Prince Of Akko
by Raphael Sackville

      ID #: 75365
Short Description: A tory of Chaim Farhi, a heroic young Jew who comes to grips with the most cruel. greedy, dishonest, Jew-hating pasha in all of Palestine.

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $21.99
You Save: $11.00 (50%)


Passing The Test
by Shaindy Traube, Feldheim/Sapir Press, 2011

      ID #: 74962
Short Description: When Miriam Marlin, a young teenager, is seriously burned in a freak accident, she is afraid and embarrassed to face the world again this time with a highly visible and humiliating scar...

Our Price: $7.99
List Price: $24.99
You Save: $17.00 (68%)


No Taxes, Please! And Other Stories--NO DUST JACKET
by Rabbi Yisroel Pesach Sochertov--FELDHEIM 1997

      ID #: 74747
Short Description: No Taxes, Please! And Other Stories with moral insights and parables based on the Dubno Maggid. NOTE: No Dust Jacket.
Out of print, Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $28.99
List Price: $60.00
You Save: $31.01 (52%)


More Gifts For Teens
by Roiza Weinreich, Artscroll

      ID #: 74403
Short Description: No one talks to teenagers better than other teens! In this sequel to Roiza Weinreich's popular A Gift to Teens, the author deftly

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $23.99
You Save: $13.00 (54%)


A Happier You: A Teenage Girl's Recipe for Self-Esteem and a Better Life
by Roiza Weinreich, Artscroll, 1995

      ID #: 73900
Short Description: Adolescent fears and insecurity, aren't they an unavoidable part of growing up? They don't have to be. The teen years should be a time to blossom, to face up to challenges and surmount them.

Our Price: $8.99
List Price: $23.99
You Save: $15.00 (63%)


The Storyteller: Volume 1
by Nissan Mindel

      ID #: 72363
Short Description: This collection of short stories has been selected from the popular monthly magazine "Talks and Tales". Those who are familiar with this unique magazine, in which a short story.
A Classic!

Our Price: $19.99
List Price: $22.99
You Save: $3.00 (13%)


Bar Mitzvah Treasury
by Azriel Eisenberg - 1960

      ID #: 71074
Short Description: The jewish heritage as down in history, legend and essay

Our Price: $4.95
List Price: $12.00
You Save: $7.05 (59%)


The Children's Supplement to the “Jewish Chronicle. 1907-1908 (Young Israel)
by Young Israel, 1908

ID #: 62063
Short Description:

Very Rare! A Historical collectors item!

A four-page weekly. Volume I: December 18th, 1907 - December 25th, 1908. English interspersed with Hebrew.

Our Price: $220.00
List Price: $600.00
You Save: $380.00 (63%)


The Great Eagle: The life and works of the Rambam
by Yaakov Yisrael Hopkowitz, Self Pub., 1986

      ID #: 61663
Short Description: Enlgish Translation by Weinbach - Illustrations by Hasida,
Hard to find!

Our Price: $39.99
List Price: $99.99
You Save: $60.00 (60%)


Encyclopedia Judaica for Youth: Junior Judaica Vol. 4 (Ju-Net)
by Rabbi Dr. Raphael Posner, 1982

      ID #: 61457
Short Description: This is part of a comprehensive set of Encyclopedia for youth covering many aspects of Judaism.
A Classic!

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $29.95
You Save: $18.96 (63%)


Study Aid: Sefer Chazarah - Parshas Yisro
by Discovery Books/Torah U'Mesorah, 1987

      ID #: 51755
Short Description: A great workbook on Parshas Yisro for children...

Our Price: $9.99
List Price: $20.00
You Save: $10.01 (50%)


The Jerusalem Quarterly ; Number One, Fall 1976
by Jerusalem : Middle East Institute; 1st Edition edition

      ID #: 41412
Short Description: Subjects:1)On Hawks and Doves 2)The Soviet Union and the Arab-Israel Conflict...
Out of print, Hard to Find!

Our Price: $25.99
List Price: $50.00
You Save: $24.01 (48%)


Stories From Our Living Past
by Francine Prose, Jules Harlow

      ID #: 37064

Our Price: $4.99
List Price: $15.00
You Save: $10.01 (67%)


In The Land Of Kings And Prophets: Book 4
by Rabbi Jacob Schwarz

      ID #: 30759
Short Description: The bible story in the bible words - - Department of Synagogue and School Extension of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, New York-1928

Our Price: $9.45
List Price: $20.00
You Save: $10.55 (53%)


Kriah Kalah NEW!
by KTAV Publishing

      ID #: 3636
Short Description: BRAND NEW!! 30 graded stories, Beautifully illustrated in two colors. Analytical exercises to test comprehension. Exercises to test language abilities.

Our Price: $2.99
List Price: $7.95
You Save: $4.96 (62%)

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