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Shop our Jewish Children's Book section and find used books for Jewish children. We offer the Artscroll Youth Megillah, Jewish educational children's books, and even Looney Tunes in Hebrew! Find best selling Jewish children's books, classics, and books that have long been out of print. Browse our children's section and if you cannot find what you are looking for, we will find it for you. Our simple and convenient service saves you time and money, as we aim to satisfy every customer that visits Jewish Used Books, so please contact us if you have any questions.

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The Little Black Box - 3 in 1
by Targum/Feldheim

      ID #: 94208
Short Description: As Shraga Morgenstern and Pinny Katz prepare to travel up to the Lake View Hotel along with their physicist fathers and a very secret weapon...
Long Out of print, Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $44.99


Sichu Bechol Nifliosav
by Rabbi Zev Yehuda Shain

      ID #: 94016
Short Description: Speak of Hashem's Wonders. A sefer about the ten makos and the fifty miracles.
Hard to find!

Our Price: $4.95
List Price: $9.95
You Save: $5.00 (50%)


Torah Our Treasure (A Show 'n Tell Window Book)
by Etti Goldzand

      ID #: 93979
Short Description: It's a museum-in-a-book--the perfect thing for young minds and fingers! How is a Sefer Torah made? Where does parchment come from? This step-by-step book, told in rhyme

Our Price: $22.99


My Tzitzis Book
by Elisheva Schreiber

      ID #: 93959
Short Description: This unique and wonderfully presented book features plastic-encased tzitzis components such as fleece, wool, techeles, knots, and string, along with poems and stories explaining the beauty of the mitzvah
Hard to find!

Our Price: $22.99


The Story Of Reb Yosef Chaim
by Artscroll

      ID #: 93869
Short Description: Classic! Out of Print! The life and times of rabbi Yosef Sonnenfeld, Guardian of Jerusalem.
A Classic!

Our Price: $23.99


My First Parsha Reader 5 (Devarim)
by Rabbi Weissman

      ID #: 93787
Short Description: [Book 5]My First Parsha Reader, The Basic Reader for which the Jewish Family Has been Waiting
Best Seller!

Our Price: $11.99
List Price: $23.99
You Save: $12.00 (50%)


P is for Passover : A Holiday Alphabet Book
by Tanya Lee Stone

      ID #: 93752
Short Description: In this new shaped alphabet book, families will enjoy learning about Passover! Every page contains a letter of the alphabet along with sweet, rhyming text that corresponds with each..

Our Price: $2.49
List Price: $2.99
You Save: $0.50 (17%)


The Children's Haggadah- Haggadah L'yeladim
by Dr. A.M. Silberman

      ID #: 93728
Short Description: With English translation. Text in Hebrew and English. Famous and much loved children's Haggadah.
Hard to find!

Our Price: $14.95
List Price: $30.00
You Save: $15.05 (50%)


Penny's Great Show

      ID #: 93712

Our Price: $12.99
List Price: $18.99
You Save: $6.00 (32%)


הגדונת לקטנטנים
by Illustrated by Yoni Gerstein

      ID #: 93698
Short Description: Beautiful pictures of the ten plagues

Our Price: $5.00
List Price: $9.00
You Save: $4.00 (44%)


Mah Nishtanah?: A Passover Haggadah for Children
by Shaul Meizlish

      ID #: 93697
Short Description: The Mah Nishtanah? Haggadah for Children is a brilliant Hebrew English Haggadah for children that also includes transliteration of the Hebrew text. That way everyone can follow the reading. It's an amusing learning tool with ..

Our Price: $4.99
List Price: $10.00
You Save: $5.01 (50%)


I Love Torah
by Rabbi Ze'ev Greenwald

      ID #: 93678
Short Description: Imbue your children with a love of Torah with this full-color, enriching book

Our Price: $19.99


Four Good Friends and a Boat
by Menucha Fuchs

      ID #: 93646
Short Description: Perfect for your youngest readers and for all children who like to laugh at their world.
Hard to find!

Our Price: $12.99


The Search is On!

      ID #: 93645

Our Price: $9.99
List Price: $15.99
You Save: $6.00 (38%)


What About Me?
by Bracha Steinberg, Liat Benyaminy Ariel, Artscoll, 1990

      ID #: 93558
Short Description: Baby's arrival was very hard for his older brother. Everybody fussed about Baby, but big brother felt very sad and very lonely...

Our Price: $6.99
List Price: $10.99
You Save: $4.00 (36%)


The Key Under the Pillow: Story of Honoring Parent
by Leah Perl Shollar

      ID #: 93552
Short Description: In this classic tale of Kibbud Av V'eim, the key to Dama's chest of precious gems is hidden under his father's pillow. Will Dama wake his father to get the key and make the sale of a lifetime?

Our Price: $17.99


Sarah Pick Up the Dime! Brand New wrapped in Plastic
by Rabbi Yosef & Zalman Goldstein

      ID #: 93533
Short Description: Children will learn about the ramifications of even the smallest actions in this entertaining and enlightening tale.
Out of print, Hard to Find!

Our Price: $39.99


The Rooster: Grandpa's Stories Of The Village Of Silly People
by Arnold Fine, Illustrated by Howard Spielman, Tamar/Artscroll, 1993

      ID #: 93523
Short Description: What makes the sun rise in the morning? The Rooster's crow? At least that's what a silly mayor and the silly citizens of his town thought. Can you imagine what would happen when the rooster was gone?....NOTE: White binding tape on corner of covers o.
Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $17.99
List Price: $35.00
You Save: $17.01 (49%)


Too Many Toys
by Arnold Fine

      ID #: 93522
Out of print, Hard to Find!

Our Price: $18.99


Yossi The Boy Who Wouldnt Speak Loshon Hora
by Phyllis Weinberg

      ID #: 93521
Short Description: Yossi's devotion to Torah values leads him to endure embarrassment rather than gossip about his friend.
Out of print, Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $16.99

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