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Browse our selection of Jewish novels at Jewish Used Books, including recently published and out of print books that are very hard to find. We offer a library of Jewish information and books to read for enjoyment or for education and you will not find a selection like this anywhere else. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we will find it for you. Our simple and convenient service saves you time and money, as we aim to satisfy every customer that visits Jewish Used Books, so please contact us if you have any questions.

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Criminal Copy
by M. Jakubowitz

      ID #: 80969
Short Description: The summer starts out ordinarily enough with long, lazy days in the bungalow colony, spent among the company of family and friends. But before they know it, best friends...

Our Price: $8.99
List Price: $17.95
You Save: $8.96 (50%)


The Scribe: A Novel
by Uri Raskin, Feldheim, 2005

      ID #: 80967
Short Description: This novel hits right to the heart--a gripping, well-written and researched story. This penetrating, enriching novel opens our eyes to the very real issues we face today

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $21.99
You Save: $11.00 (50%)


Fool's Gold
by Libby Lazewnik, Artscroll, 2011

      ID #: 80965
Short Description: Esther Jacobs and Yaffa Katz have had a rocky relationship from the time they were 5 years old. ..

Our Price: $12.95
List Price: $25.95
You Save: $13.00 (50%)


The Gates of the Forest
by Elie Wiesel

      ID #: 80913
Short Description: Gregor—a teenaged boy, the lone survivor of his family—is hiding from the Germans in the forest. He hides in a cave, where he meets a mysterious stranger who saves his life...

Our Price: $3.99
List Price: $16.95
You Save: $12.96 (76%)


Dovid Meyer
by G. Silber, 1984

      ID #: 80905
Short Description: Great Story, Classic!! The Orphan From Jerusalem-You will love adventurous Dovid Meyer, the orphaned Bar Mitzva boy, whose courage and inventiveness will delight you and your children.NOTE: No Dust Jacket.
Very Hard to Find!

Our Price: $24.99
List Price: $59.00
You Save: $34.01 (58%)


The Outside World
by Tova Mirvis

      ID #: 80864
Short Description: Tzippy Goldman was born for marriage. She and her mother had always assumed she�d graduate high school, be set up with the right boy, and have a ....

Our Price: $3.99
List Price: $22.99
You Save: $19.00 (83%)

Bread Givers
by Anzia Yezierska

      ID #: 80847
Short Description: Set in the 1920's, this novel is the story of Sara Smolinsky, who wants to live for herself and marry for love.

Our Price: $4.99

Dear Emma
by Johanna Hurwitz

      ID #: 80834
Short Description: A young Jewish immigrant living in New York shares her thought with a friend from Vermont in 1910

Our Price: $4.99


by Dov Haller

      ID #: 80782
Short Description: The ‘Old School’ approach of Cheder Menahel Shmuel Wohlberg works – except when he’s up against modern technology and newly invented psychology

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $22.95
You Save: $11.96 (52%)


Complex Mission
by Yakov M. Hirschson, Shai Publishing, 2006


      ID #: 80770
Short Description: This fascinating novel will take you across the ocean from Nazi occupied Germany to the United States of America, where a ring of German spies have infiltrated.
Best Seller!

Our Price: $17.99


Tangled Vines
by S.Z.Tresser

      ID #: 80769
Short Description: Transport yourself to the enchanting land of Israel, to a multifaceted Kibbutz cooperative,

An absorbing, unique NOVEL.

Our Price: $8.99
List Price: $21.95
You Save: $12.96 (59%)


The Yellow Notebook
by Devorah Rosen

      ID #: 80768
Short Description: In this moving portrayal of the inner lives of these young adults, the author paints a vivid picture of the myriad challenges we all face in life.

Our Price: $11.99
List Price: $24.99
You Save: $13.00 (52%)


Escape To Reality
by Devora Weiner

      ID #: 80764
Short Description: Lisa and Daniel are going through a difficult time. Daniel is drawn to Torah, while Lisa wants nothing to do with it--despite..
Best Seller!

Our Price: $10.99
List Price: $22.99
You Save: $12.00 (52%)


by Rachel Pomerantz, CIS, 1989

      ID #: 80727
Short Description: Spread over five years and two continents, Wildflower explores the turbulent personal lives of a group of young American Jews - A Novel
A Classic!

Our Price: $8.99
List Price: $30.00
You Save: $21.01 (70%)


The Outcast
by M. Kenan, Artscroll, 2013

      ID #: 80711
Short Description: A novel as big and explosive as the Kingdom itself... This is the story of: A kingdom torn apart, Two powerful kings, A homeless foundling, and the black powder that can destroy them all.

Our Price: $13.99
List Price: $28.99
You Save: $15.00 (52%)


A Time To Rend A Time To Sew
by Rachel Pomerantz, Feldheim, 1996

      ID #: 80706
Short Description: In this absorbing, superbly written novel, Rachel Pomerantz explores the intellectual and emotional challenges of religious observance,[*Rebound: has white binding tape on spine.]
Hard to find!

Our Price: $17.99
List Price: $45.00
You Save: $27.01 (60%)


The Survivor of Babi Yar
by Othniel J. Seiden

      ID #: 80701
Short Description: The Survivor of Babi Yar by Othniel J. Seiden

Our Price: $3.99
List Price: $19.95
You Save: $15.96 (80%)


Nothing But The Truth
by Leah Friedman, Feldheim, 2004

      ID #: 80582
Short Description: A riveting novel of faith, struggle, and hope. Amy has it all--the "Jewish American Dream." But it is not enough for her probing mind and thirsting soul. Amy wants.
Best Seller!

Our Price: $15.99
List Price: $29.99
You Save: $14.00 (47%)


The Mission
by Chaim Eliav

      ID #: 80581
Short Description: From the bestselling author of the Spiders Web, comes The Mission, an eagerly awaited novel of thrilling suspense.
Best Seller!

Our Price: $15.99
List Price: $25.99
You Save: $10.00 (38%)


by Chana Pincus, Shanky's Judaica, 2011

      ID #: 80548
Short Description: Did you hear the news? Ruchoma got divorced! Mazel tov! Shoshana exclaimed. Mazel tov?! Our neighbor was aghast. How can you say mazel tov for something like that?!

Our Price: $11.99
List Price: $24.95
You Save: $12.96 (52%)

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