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by Renee Worch, Artscroll, 1992

      ID #: 96235
Short Description: Suspense, danger, terror, death and finally exhilaration, joy, and renewed hope. That is a rare combination, but this historical account contains them all, in abundant measure...

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Behind the Ice Curtain(Abridged Edition)
by Dina Gabel, CIS, 1992

      ID #: 96212
Short Description: The holocaust was like a giant boulder hurled into the pool of Jewish history, the greatest disaster occurring at the point of impact where six million innocent Jews perished under the Nazis
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A History of the Holocaust: From Ideology to Annihilation
by Rita Steinhardt Botwinick

      ID #: 96198
Short Description: Told with scrupulous care for accuracy, this book examines the causes and events of the Holocaust, giving important background information on Jewish life in Europe, on the functions of the hierarchy ...

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Nine Out Of Ten
by Dr. Moshe Katz, Israel Book Shop, 2006

      ID #: 96152
Short Description: The astonishing story of a Jewish family's will to outlive the Nazis...

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The Klausenberger Rebbe The War Years
by Judah Lifschitz

      ID #: 96102
Short Description: Out of the blazing fires of the Nazi inferno came a Torah leader of extraordinary intellect, boundless devotion to the Almighty and His people..
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Flight to Freedom
by Renee Worch

      ID #: 96081
Short Description: The True Story of a Family's Escape from War torn Belgium
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Tatteh Said Run! The Heroic True Story of a young Man's Miraculous Escape During the Holocaust
by Pinchos Yeshaya Kornbluth

      ID #: 96004
Short Description: "Children, I forbid you to enter the ghetto! Those trapped in the ghetto will be transported to the Place of No Return, You must pack your most vital belongings immediately, and flee ..

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The Holocaust
by Yad Vashem/Martyrs' And Heroes' Remembrance Authority - Jerusalem

      ID #: 95966
Short Description: A compendium of stirring photos and text that vividly captures one of the most trying times in Jewish history...

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Treblinka (Hardcover)
by Jean-Francois Steiner

      ID #: 95861
Short Description: The inspiring story of 6000 Jews who revolted against their murderers and burned a Nazi death camp to the ground.

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The Yellow Spot

      ID #: 95610
Short Description: The Yellow Spot: The Outlawing of Half a Million Human Beings. A Collection of Facts and Documents relating to Three Years' Persecution of German Jews, derived chiefly from National Socialist Sources, very carefully ....

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The Transfer Agreement
by Edwin Black

      ID #: 95604
Short Description: The Dramatic Story of the Secret Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine
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They Called Me Frau Anna
by Chana Marcus Banet, CIS, 1990

      ID #: 95555
Short Description: When the German armies conquered Poland at the outset of the Second World War, the fate of its Jews was sealed, although no one could possibly..

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Itzik, Be Strong!
by Yitzhak Pomerantz, CIS, 1993

      ID #: 95554
Short Description: As German bombers darkened the skies over Poland in the fall of 1939, many Jews fled before the advancing German armies, seeking to find...

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The Artists of Terezin
by Gerald Green

      ID #: 95398
Short Description: Paintings, drawings, and sketches, by the inmates, portray life at a Nazi concentration camp in Czechoslovakia

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Lest We Forget
by Rabbi Shlomo Wahrman

      ID #: 95221
Short Description: A first hand account of what is was like growing up in Nazi occupied Leipzig,Germany during the years 1933-1939.

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The Nazi Holocaust
by Ronnie S. Landau

      ID #: 95187
Short Description: Brief but surprisingly comprehensive, The Nazi Holocaust places the tragedy in historical context, summarizes its major events, and considers the moral, ethical, and psychological issues that have followed in its wake. By placing the..

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Shattered Crystals
by Eva Rosensweig Kugler

      ID #: 95182
Short Description: Classic! Eva Rosensweig Kugler, , was born in the German city of HalleanderSaale, where her father owned a prosperous retail business and was a member of small Orthodox community...

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Darkness Before Dawn - The Holocaust and growth through suffering
by Rabbi Ezriel Tauber

      ID #: 95180
Short Description: Darkness Before Dawn is a book about suffering, how to appreciate suffering and how to grow from suffering.
Out of print, Hard to Find!

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Judenrat: The Jewish Councils in Eastern Europe under Nazi Occupation
by Isaiah. Trunk

      ID #: 95176
Short Description: The German authorities established in each ghetto a Jewish Council, or Judenrat, to maintain minimal living standards. The Judenrat was required to carry out Nazi directives against other Jews

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The World In Flames
by Rachel Pomerantz

      ID #: 95168
Short Description: "The World in Flames: A Short History of the Holocaust" by Rachel Pomerantz is a concise, yet surprisingly thorough survey of the holocaust period, including the trends and events that
Hard to find!

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