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Transliterated Linear Haggadah
by Rabbi Nosson Scherman, by Rabbi Avie Gold

      ID #: 98568
Short Description: Now everyone can participate in the Seder, even if you or your guests can't read Hebrew.(Artscroll)

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Chumash - Chinuch Tiferes Micha'el Volume 1: Shemos AS-IS
by Artscroll

      ID #: 97807
Short Description: Newly designed and typeset, based upon extensive consultation with scores of educators and reading specialists, this new innovative chumash will be welcomed by teachers, students, and shul-goers. WATER DAMAGE

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קובץ תורני הלכתי מבקשי תורה 15

      ID #: 72790
Short Description: Sivan 5755- Volume 3- Kovetz 15-Inyanei Tefilah V'inyanei shonim- Maamarim U'piskei dinim Mimaran HaGaon Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurebach ztzkl

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